Experience and Enthusiasm


Media teams are assembled from a roster of proven media strategists and buyers.


Veteran buyers in broadcast, OOH, Print and Internet


Your Strong Suit media team works as a partner in the development of marketing objectives and strategies


Media planning and selection is NOT done by formula, decisions are made within the context of your communication needs.


We are aggressive in the investigation of new opportunities, using our long relationships within the media community to stimulate big idea solutions.



Providing Integration


In order to gain the greatest visibility for our clients, Strong Suit Media evaluates every point of contact the brand has with your target audience.


Integrating all communications to work together and surround the consumer, developing an on-going relationship that will extend well beyond a paid media campaign.



Insightful Strategy

Clear and Accurate Reporting


Strong Suit will provide:


Media strategy

Media selection and schedules that coordinate all communications

Access to syndicated research


Complete media negotiations

Price, positioning and negotiation recaps

Oversee execution of added value opportunities

From the idea stage to execution and evaluation


Review and approve invoices


On-going budget/media billing summaries


Post campaign delivery reports and comments



Providing the best thinking


Experienced in client relationships

Listens to your needs and objectives

Understanding your consumer and the purchase cycle

Intent on bringing new insight


Experience needed to deliver the brand message to your target

Showcased in the best environment

During the most receptive mindset

At the most efficient cost

Integrating paid media with all existing communications



Customized Fee Structure


Strong Suit Media strives to insure that a fair compensation agreement exists, allowing clients to pay for only what they need when they need it.



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Minneapolis, MN 55401

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